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Nikkey Creative LLC., started eight years ago in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Since childhood, I have always been the super creative one in my family. I attended The Art Institute of St. Louis, majoring in Graphic Design, and ultimately earning my Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Arts. During college I began to paint, and one day I decided to post one of my paintings on Facebook. It went viral, which inspired me to consider selling my art work. My goal during college was to graduate with my BFA and start a job at an advertising agency. However, things quickly took a turn and shortly after my painting went viral, I decided to become an entrepreneur. My business took off when I began to receive orders to create new paintings,inspired by my own vivid imagination & requested commissions from customers. I had to quit my job at the time to keep up with the demand. Almost eight years later I’m still living through my passion everyday!


Black femininity/black women have been depicted as undesirable, unattractive by mainstream Eurocentric culture since the diaspora.  My art challenges that societal view by showcasing the beauty, the power, and sensuality of black women, black femininity and how desirable black womanhood is. My art will continue to uphold this truth, that black womanhood is something to be proud of, and that black women hold a very special place in our universe.  


I am happily married to an amazing woman, Patrice-Lou, an advanced practice registered nurse, who motivates and inspire me on a daily basis to achieve my highest potential. I enjoy creating, inspiring, and touching many lives with my art. Thank you for appreciating where my creativity meets my passion.

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